Frequently Asked Questions



Using our New Website

+ General Questions

How do I access the new website?

You will be able to access the website through the same channels prior to the switchover. This includes through the Officeworks Print and Copy Pages or the Officeworks Photos Pages.


If I select a product on the Officeworks Photos Pages, will it be redirected through to the new Website?

Yes, all the links on the Officeworks Photos pages have now been redirected to the new website. You can choose and select your product as normal and this will redirect you to load images and create your product.


Can I still use my Officeworks Login Details?

Yes, you can continue to use the same login details that were used on the existing website.


Can I create an account on the photos website?

Any accounts that are created on the photos website will be created as an Officeworks account that can be used on the website.


Will I be able to see all my photos that I have previously uploaded?

Yes, all your images will be transferred over to the new application.


Will I be able to access and continue using my saved projects?

No, unfortunately as this is an entirely new system and the elements to create your project has been updated, you will be unable to access or continue working on your saved projects.


Can I save projects using the new website?

Yes, you can create and save projects on the new system.


Why did you change over to a new website?

As our original platform was using old Flash technology which is no longer supported at the end of 2020, we needed to move over to a new platform that will allow our customers to access the site.


Is there any benefit for me to use the new website?

Yes, this website will continue to be developed and improved with new features and functionality. We welcome any feedback on how we can improve. You can also now access the website on your mobile device making it easier to create your photo printing projects.


Are you planning on adding any more backgrounds?

Yes, we have launched with a limited number of background designs and colour choices. This is something we will continue to expand and grow to provide you more options to choose from.


I have noticed that you do not have any borders or embellishments that I can use on my projects?

For launch, these features are currently not available but we will be working on this in the future.


I can’t find Greeting Cards or Collage Prints, do you still offer these?

For launch, these product categories are not available. Keep an eye out closer to Christmas for these product categories to be available on the website. When our stores are back up and running, you can also continue to create these products on the Instore Kiosks.


How do I place an order on the site?

Once you have created your photos project, you can add this into the Officeworks shopping cart which will allow you to choose either home delivery or pick up instore and your payment method. You can also add in any other Officeworks products into the same order.


Can I checkout as a guest?

Yes, you can checkout as a guest. Just a note that we recommend you sign into or create an account on the website so you can save the progress of your order if you want to reorder or make any adjustments prior to completing your order.


Can I amend my item once it is in the Officeworks shopping Cart?

No, once you have transferred your order from the Photos website through to the Officeworks shopping cart, you can no longer update this project. If you have saved this project, you can reopen this from the photos website and add back into the shopping cart. Remember you can only do this if you have signed into your account.


What if I didn’t sign into my account and the item is no longer in the Officeworks checkout pages?

Unfortunately, if you have checked out as a guest and have not saved your project in the Photos website, you will be unable to retrieve this and will need to start your project again.


I am having trouble using the new site, can you provide me some assistance?

Yes, please contact one of our friendly team members and we will be able to assist and walk you through the new website.


+ Design Screen Questions

What does shuffle mean?

Shuffle allows you to move all the images on the current page into the different layouts. This allows you to choose how you want the photos laid out in the Photo Book.


How do I add Photos to my project?

In the photos tab, select your preferred photo and drag into the required positioning whether that is in a current placeholder or on the blank page.


How do I edit, delete or make my image full screen?

Once you select an image, choose from the editing option on the right-hand side for desktop or through the edit button on mobile.


What does the lock symbol mean on my image?

This allows you to lock your image into place so it can’t be moved. You can easily unlock this by selecting the lock button on the image which will open the image to be moved.


Can I add extra photos to my project after this has started?

Yes, in the Photo tab, select add more and this will bring up a screen to either upload new images or add images from your account. Any new images will be added to the end of your current image selection.


Can I add Backgrounds to my project?

Yes, select the Background tab and choose your preferred design or colour and drag this onto the project. If you need to remove a background, you can select the remove background option and choose either the left or right side page for a photo book.


Can I choose a different layout?

Yes, select the layouts tab and you can filter down to your preferred number of images per page. This can then be dragged onto your required page. You can also remove the layout from the project as required.


Can I add text to my project?

Yes, you can add text to all project categories when using the website on a desktop excluding Digital Prints and My Home & My Kids. To do this, select the Text option and select Add Text Box. Choose your preferred font, font size and colour. NOTE: You can’t add text while using the website on a mobile device due to the size of the screen and laying this out on your project.


What does autofill do?

Autofill will use your photos and place them onto your project based on the number of images and pages you have selected. Any pages that already have work done to them will not be affected by the autofill function.


+ Photo Book Questions

Can I choose how many pages I want in my photo book?

Yes, at the beginning of the journey and based on the number of images that you have, we will suggest a recommended number of pages for your photo book. You can also choose to have a bigger photo book or choose the exact number of pages you would like in your photo book. The minimum number of pages in a photo book is 20 pages.


I can see there is a choice of how I want to layout my photo book. I am not sure which one to choose.

There are 3 choices when creating your photo book. 1. A blank photo book. This is used if you want to start creating your own photo book and choose the layout on each page. 2. Layout Only. This is best if you want to add in your own images but want a starting point on how to layout the photo book. 3. Layout and auto fill. This is the quickest way to create your photo book where the website automatically lays out your photos in the photo book based on the number of images and pages you have selected. It is recommended to go through each page and make sure you are happy with it before putting through the order.


Can I add in extra pages once in the book?

Yes, you can add in extra pages by selecting the Add Pages at the top of the Photo Book design screen. You can either add a page spread before or after your current page. At this stage we are unable to add just one extra page into the photo book project as they come in sets of 2.


How can I delete pages in a photo book?

As long as you have not reached the minimum number of pages, you can select the Page Options drop down at the top of the screen and select delete page spread. This will delete the current page you are on. You are unable to delete the first and last page in your photo book project.


What does All Pages, Page Spread and Single Page mean?

These are just different views to help you create your Photo Book and the same content will be on each different view.


+ Canvas Print Questions

What is the red area around the Canvas?

This is a guide to show you what area will be wrapped around the sides and back of the canvas. The red shading will not be printed on the canvas and only to be used as a guide of the wrapping area. This will not appear on the final output of the product.


+ Digital Print Questions

I have a dotted line and shaded area on my print. Why is that?

As photos taken on your camera or device is not the exact aspect ratio, most print sizes will require some cropping of the photo. This shaded area and dotted line demonstrates where the photos will be cropped and the area that you will receive in the printed product. You can move the shading area to suit your requirements by moving the mouse on your desktop or by selecting the crop photo on your mobile device. Note: If you crop an image, the dotted line and shading will no longer appear and only show the area that is to be printed.


What does add white border do?

When you select the checkbox to add in a white border, this will add a full white border around all edges of your digital print. The photo will be moved in slightly to fit the border. Each print size has a different border size.


How come I can’t order more print sizes in the same Project?

We are currently working on the ability to add in multiple print sizes on each project. If you want to order additional print sizes, please add your project to the shopping cart and continue to select your next print size requirement.


How do I order multiple of the same print?

You can select the + symbol to add in additional quantities of each print.


Can I order multiple of prints in bulk?

Yes, you can select all the images you require by clicking on the image and then a tool bar will appear which will allow you to add in the quantity required for these prints. Note, if you had already added different quantities for prints individually and you choose to update the quantity for all of the prints you have selected, this will reset your quantities for that individual print. Once you have made your changes, you can select deselect all to continue reviewing your prints. Your quantity selection will remain.


How do I know how many prints I have selected?

You can see all the photos you have selected to print by viewing the number of prints displayed under the Print size.


Can I crop multiple photos in bulk?

Yes, you can crop a number of images in a row by selecting these and selecting the crop option in the multifunction toolbar. Once you have made your changes, you can select deselect all to continue reviewing your prints. Your changes made will remain.


Can I rotate multiple photos in bulk?

Yes, you can rotate a number of images in a row by selecting these and selecting the crop option in the multifunction toolbar. Once you have made your changes, you can select deselect all to continue reviewing your prints. Your changes made will remain.